A stunning vibrant summers wedding at Tunnels beaches

I always get excited when I receive an enquiry from a fellow photographer and was so pleased when Elizabeth and Dan chose me to be their wedding photographer.

There was a little panic the week before the wedding when the Met office predicted that Monday(wedding day) was going to be downpours all day , Dan even recounted the moment Elizabeth checked the weather and saw the predicted rain and a tear rolled down her cheek, she didn’t need to worry though as the rain came early and was passed North Devon hours before their ceremony.

Elizabeth’s dress and the bridesmaids dresses were stunning and Dan scrubbed up well in his suit.

Tunnels was decorated with vibrant summer flowers by the talented Pumpkin and Pye which fitted in perfectly with the style of the wedding. I loved the light bulbs of flowers around the gazebo and the jars of flowers which lined the aisle.

tunnels beaches wedding

tunnels beaches wedding

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