Huntsham Court Devon

As a wedding photographer in Devon for 27 years I have worked at some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the South West, so I am going to share an insight into some of my favourites.

I first photographed at the stunning Baronial Mansion Huntsham Court in 2012 when I was hired to photograph the wedding of a professional T.V cameraman. Always a compliment to be hired by  fellow creative. Since then I have photographed in excess of 15/20 weddings at Huntsham Court & each and every one has been unique, personal and wonderful!
From Spring weddings outdoors under the arbor (for a musician and being a fan of Jake Bugg it was great to meet & photograph him at this wedding) to winter weddings in the Great Hall, very cozy with the fire roaring. A fair amount of the weddings I have photographed at Huntsham have been three day events. An evening meal for close family & friends on arrival day, the full day of festivities on the wedding day itself and then fun and games on the lawn as a perfect wind down before heading home. I have worked with a lot of Devon’s best suppliers at Huntsham, Dartmoor Kitchens, Posh Nosh, Pumpkin and Pye, Eve Ashby make-up and Devon Wedding Hair  Changing Faces 
Some of the outstanding and memorable weddings I have photographed at Huntsham have included peaceful humanist ceremonies on the lawn in the warm summer sunshine complete with bird song. In contrast lively evening parties with some amazing bands, my favourite wedding band of all time I have seen three times at Huntsham, The Iron Boot Scrapers. Huntsham Court really does tick every box with accommodation for 82 people, wedding breakfasts for 120 guests seated in one space. No corkage, event planners. Huntsham Court is one of Devon’s biggest yet most intimate wedding venues. Please visit the Evolve Photography main site for many more Huntsham Images and featured weddings on The English Wedding Blog   Aaron & Emily   Rachel & Alhuntsham-court-wedding-photographer-devon-185

Woolacombe Bay Hotel Wedding Lauren and Aaron

You might be forgiven for thinking Lauren & Aaron were married in California looking at the stunning light and blue skies but this was our very own North Devon coast and Woolacombe Bay Hotel. And what a fantastic day for such a lovely couple and their very cute little girl Indi. Congratulations to you both! x11717366_904073832986334_4766598976238949800_o885630_904074072986310_192075269826211938_o10987372_904075736319477_3586659669369967833_o11701002_904074219652962_1975284695717467225_o11731754_904074549652929_3168642652127594850_o11698849_904074722986245_4962121292068064838_o11700851_904074889652895_615486607829657013_o11411770_904075472986170_8812041721145721055_o11412065_904075306319520_9003211531429852473_o11110165_904077692985948_4692932349667036322_o11143603_904077576319293_546964152027113425_o11218191_904077836319267_5042805557647641021_o11222833_904076962986021_2619795140266581633_o11234997_904076722986045_3304981340726379268_o11261405_904076352986082_4433848503915595139_o11267396_904077122986005_26197062799341621_o11696317_904077959652588_5449102648613762668_o11698942_904077029652681_6882341651177505008_o11700687_904077712985946_1917416741054572772_o11703548_904076269652757_1302859379514769896_o11705164_904077209652663_6236229381805468495_o11705788_904077309652653_4154003279385781697_o11713749_904078206319230_7855800032943132812_o11717308_904077302985987_1355907051361222332_o11717385_904076039652780_8974951784328438163_o11717385_904076572986060_433847967880224456_o11728987_904077049652679_8652241497809210137_o11731965_904076066319444_4723033909609940710_o11728750_904075576319493_2823129006266449362_o

Tunnels Beaches wedding Vicky and Jordan

On a sunny June afternoon where better to be holding your wedding than outside in the sea air at Tunnels Beaches. That is exactly what Jordan & Vicky did! And this couple have impecable taste booking Dan Brazier Magician and Roger Styles to entertain their guests.1596656_900540963339621_5837999385400632362_o1597731_900539850006399_485778147476526879_o1658695_900540006673050_4074259303897144735_o1781156_900542526672798_4610432546253857084_o1798930_900542786672772_8658075743331984774_o1900467_900540666672984_462562017488412023_o1900503_900540663339651_8712219532797852452_o1979177_900540110006373_1115199862929926487_o10296272_900539886673062_6330505371289795851_o10333761_900540726672978_374267859038327526_o10446078_900540976672953_1281604854877493979_o10495320_900540383339679_7900488871908263637_o10557736_900541350006249_4074115748648269862_o10631236_900541843339533_6289804938620152441_o11016148_900541416672909_387184263007486085_o11017015_900540283339689_8233456567863908059_otunnels beaches ceremony11028018_900542896672761_2397125868948406512_o11060110_900541866672864_5122674420930108110_o11105151_900540483339669_9163623275650246032_o11140193_900542496672801_6362564594091153415_o11141289_900539966673054_8952264221106298382_o11144437_900541496672901_5108742510080251002_o11145003_900540033339714_5221721885092498270_o11164774_900541586672892_2961627099373867050_o11187764_900540013339716_6706311023257151417_o11206471_900540870006297_274179969161178317_o11216209_900540186673032_3774630342189096393_o11265613_900539983339719_5885333923089443941_o11270423_900542646672786_4603446518991499576_o11312776_900541783339539_5950108697874973277_o11357168_900542563339461_1434814993440208341_o11357173_900540906672960_2093844960450033552_o11401299_900539843339733_2326630548746844310_owedding at tunnels beaches11538146_900539890006395_131612116293772906_o11696350_900540163339701_5681094149854872015_o11698768_900542980006086_2937211466194457614_o11699013_900541600006224_3525911726167885422_o11699060_900540356673015_6016613768304238219_o11700673_900540346673016_2584106348812561313_oevolve111705436_900540850006299_15378536618620510_o11703554_900541606672890_6462062479023414424_o11705498_900542066672844_6428300877825522002_o11705404_900540523339665_3542985059903154434_otunnels beaches wedding photos

St Olaves wedding Early March 2014

St Olaves wedding wedding at St Olaves St Olaves  (2) St Olaves  (3) St Olaves  (4) St Olaves  (5) St Olaves  (6) St Olaves  (7) St Olaves  (8) St Olaves  (9) St Olaves  (10) St Olaves  (11) St Olaves  (12) St Olaves  (13) St Olaves  (14) St Olaves  (15) St Olaves  (16) St Olaves  (17) St Olaves  (18) St Olaves  (19) St Olaves  (20) St Olaves  (21) St Olaves  (22) St Olaves  (23) St Olaves  (24) St Olaves  (25) St Olaves  (26) St Olaves  (27) St Olaves  (28) St Olaves  (29) St Olaves  (30) St Olaves  (31) St Olaves  (32) St Olaves  (33) St Olaves  (34) St Olaves  (35) St Olaves  (36) St Olaves  (37) St Olaves  (38) St Olaves  (39) St Olaves  (40) St Olaves  (41)

A bright early March wedding at St Olaves in Exeter with such a lovely couple Emma and John, Lots of lovely bright colour, buttons, feathers, smiles, giggles and pom poms.

mini best man buttonhole by Pumpkin and Pye

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