Is it me?

I like to follow Wedding blogs, there are some great ones. And as I am getting married myself next year my Fiance Natasha and I like to share and look at ideas together. There are some useful, some wacky. From a photographers point of view I find it insightful. Whilst looking at one well known blog yesterday I browsed some submitted photos of a featured wedding, photos I might have taken in my first year as a photographer, but that would never have seen the light of day…they would have been left on the darkroom floor (I am that old). Over half of them were out of focus, some had the wrong focus points, some had nothing at all in focus. Am I missing something here. Has professional photography become so easy and mainstream that we now have to do things “wrong” to get noticed? Call me old fashioned but getting pics in focus, with no camera shake, and with heads not cut off is a prerequisite to a good photo, and once having achieved that then eye catching composition, capturing beautiful light. getting exposure right, preempting expression and the decisive moment then make a good photographer….maybe I should retire now…

About evolvephotouk

Over 20 Years in the Wedding sector as a Wedding Photographer based in Devon. I cover Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

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