Natural Selection

In 1859, Charles Darwin set out his theory of evolution by natural selection as an explanation for adaptation and speciation. He defined natural selection as the “principle by which each slight variation [of a trait], if useful, is preserved”


This theory can be applied to Wedding Photography to some extent. I have been photographing Weddings in Devon for 21 years, since I was 18 in 1990. We used medium format cameras with roll film, 12 shot per roll. Now I use the latest Canon digital cameras. Technology has moved on, style has progressed, Weddings have changed, and my skills and way of working have adapted and evolved.


I choose to live and photograph Weddings in Devon because it is so beautiful here, and it borders stunning Cornwall and Somerset, inspiration enough for any photographer.


So Welcome to the home of Devon based Wedding Photographers Evolve, a business built on the development of skills, years of experience as well as a preservation of the values of quality. We hope that you enjoy viewing the work, and look forward to hearing from you.

My Specialist Subject…

Henri Cartier-Bresson called it “The decisive moment”, some call it being in the right place at the right time, others might call it being lucky. I call it “awareness”. If a photographer is aware of his/her surroundings, has immersed themselves in the atmosphere enough, and has enough experience of the situation they are in to predict the next move then they are more likely to capture that moment.

Wedding Photography is my specialist subject, not one I could use on Mastermind, but one that does give me a little bit of authority to write about it. I have been photographing Weddings as a professional photographer since I was 18, I am 40 in a couple of weeks time. Obviously style is subjective and I don’t always subscribe to the latest trends and fads, but I am a firm believer that Wedding Photography is one of the hardest photographic disciplines to master, but the easiest to try! I have never been in a war zone, and I am by no means making a direct comparison between Weddings and battlefields but I would imagine there are similarities. Aside from the odd Champagne cork and overenthusiastic guest our job is a relatively safe one unlike the war photographer, but to keep ones composure, to be aware of all of the elements of the event whilst working quickly is a skill-set that can take years to master, and some never achieve it.

In a lot of situations at a Wedding there are unrepeatable events, miss it and it’s gone. A true Wedding Photo-Journalist will preempt these moments and be in the right place and the right time, with the right lens, the right exposure and the right combination of settings to not just capture it but to embody the emotion and paint the scene in light for all eternity. Only with years and years of experience will a photographer feel the unswerving confidence in any situation to be able to provide this timeless record of a couples big day.

Working from dark interiors of churches to bright sunny days, from a tiny corner of an 14th century public house to a cathedral a Wedding photographer must know his/her job inside out, his equipment like a best friend and have the technical knowledge to surpass all other photographers. It is easy to photograph a wedding with mediocre snaps with basic equipment and basic knowledge. To produce consistent results that evoke emotion is the mark of a true professional, Wedding Photography is Evolving…..

Welcome to the Evolve Blog

So this is the home of my new blog. So whats it all about?

I have been in the Wedding industry for 21 years now as a wedding photographer, currently owning and running Evolve Photography in Devon. I have photographed over 1200 Weddings now from the beautiful Peak District down to stunning St Ives. I have worked with many suppliers and at many venues and have seen a lot of behind the scenes stuff! I have also learned a lot about all aspects of Weddings along the way. As many of my lovely couples will no doubt bare testimony to I have helped and advised on many aspects of their big day aside from the photography. Many a Bride has walked down the aisle with flowers that she nearly left at home, many a best man has had his cuff label cut from his suit! I love my job, I love weddings. The change in trends, even the change in seasons.

So here, enough rubbish from me. On this blog I aim to give an insiders view. Post my favourite venues, florists, cake makers etc etc and ask them to guest blog from time to time….I hope you enjoy, or find something useful in the following weeks and months.

Thanks for reading thus far, hope to capture some of you for regular postings.